Nokia 1600 - 3. Write text

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Write text

You can enter text in two different ways: the traditional text
input indicated by

, or predictive text input (built-in

dictionary) indicated by


To use traditional text input, press the key marked with the
letter that you want repeatedly until the letter appears.

To turn on predictive text input when writing text, select




and the desired language; to turn it off,




Dictionary off


To use predictive text input, do the following:

1. To enter the word you want, press each key once for a

single letter.

2. If the displayed word is the one you want, press 0, and

start writing the next word.

To change the word, press * repeatedly until the word you
want appears.

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W r i t e t e x t


If ? is displayed after the word, the word is not in the
dictionary. To add the word to the dictionary, select



enter the word (using traditional text input), and select



Tips for writing text with traditional and predictive text input:

To add a space, press 0.

To quickly change the text input method when writing
text, press # repeatedly and check the indicator at the top
of the display.

To add a number, press and hold the desired number key.

To get a list of special characters when using traditional
text input, press *; when using predictive text input, press
and hold *.

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