Nokia 1600 - Create message

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Create message

Your device supports the sending of text messages beyond the
character limit for a single message. Longer messages will be
sent as a series of two or more messages. Your service provider
may charge accordingly. Characters that use accents or other
marks, and characters from some language options like
Chinese, take up more space limiting the number of characters
that can be sent in a single message.

The number of available characters and the current part
number of a multipart message is shown on the top right of
the display, for example, 917/1.

1. In the standby mode, select








2. Write the message.

3. To send the message, select




, enter the

recipient’s phone number, and select



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M e n u f u n c t i o n s


Note: When sending messages, your device may

Message Sent

. This is an indication that the

message has been sent by your device to the message
centre number programmed into your device. This is
not an indication that the message has been received
at the intended destination. For more details about
messaging services, check with your service provider.